Sunday, October 9, 2011

NorthShore Inline Marathon 23011

                    Team Hoigaard's at NSIM 2011

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  Pictures were taken by Jeff Adams and not for reuse with out permission

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Napa Valley Inline Marathon

Race Report by Andy Kostka (July 10th 2011)

First off the location and course for the race are top notch. The course is a 7 mile closed section of a single road, the Silverado trail and is only about 10 miles north of Napa. The section of road must have been repaved recently because it is in very good condition which makes for good skating. The race starts and ends in the middle of closed section of road and is a two "lap" race (so 4 turnarounds).
Looking around I saw what appeared to be many strong skaters, especially from Team SAFE, which I believe is a strong LA based team. The only real face I recognized for sure was Brian Oswald from Skater's Quest. We just raced against him in Apostle, so I knew he was someone to consider when it came to competition. The race started late, as is usual for this group. The pace started fairly swift, but was a gradual downhill for most of the first couple of miles, so the pack was very large. I stayed toward the middle to try and assess who all the skaters where and who to watch out for. After the first turnaround going back to the start the pace picked up with a small attack. This didn't last long, but at this point I decided I should move toward the front of the pack. I got in near the front of the pack, after some friendly jawing with Chris Rojo of Team SAFE. When I got the front I decided to see what the group had, so I pushed the pace for the half mile or so. When I got off the front the pace seemed to slow again, but I looked back and now we were down to a group of about 15. We continued to race an unsteady and somewhat slow pace with a couple of us pushing it while at the front of the pack. By the time we were done wth the first lap the pack was down to about 10 of us. The second lap was fairly slow with the occasional small attack. There was only one significant break that seemed to be a threat so I made sure I got to the front to bring it back together at that point. I tested the group a couple of times with mock attacks, but could tell nobody was going to let anyone get away at this point in the race. Therefore, I decided to save my energy and legs for the sprint. As we neared the last couple of miles the pace came to a crawl. I was in fairly good position near the front of the pack and was hoping to hold out to the last rise about a quarter mile from the finish. After going past this point on the first lap I realized this would be my best place to start the sprint. It was far enough out that I may be able to get a jump on the pack.

Unfortunately, Brian Oswald must have been thinking the same thing, as he attacked and started the sprint, Thomas C (the eventual winner), was on the front of pack and grab Brian's wheel. I swung wide into the left hand lane to bridge up to them, but apparently didn't swing wide enough and got my right skate clicked by a skater who also pulled out to move up. I lost some momentum there, which I think cost me (but who knows). Anyway, now Brian and Thomas had a sizable gap. Thomas went around Brian, to take the win. I caught and passed Brian in the last couple of hundred meters to take second.

2nd Place Andy Kostka


Eastern Seaboard Series #3

Race Report By Herb Gayle (July 9, 2011)

Brian Oswald travels to more races than me because I saw him in the Trexlertown race on Saturday, July 9 and he was pushing the pace in the master/veteran 21k race. Brian got likes to take off and stay away because he got dropped in the field sprint.

I finished 3rd overall in T-Town...had trouble with the big hill and then passed most of the guys going down hill, but Jeffrey Neal and John L. had too much of a lead to make up.
After the half marathon race in T-town, we had one lap solo time trial and I was already exhausted from the half marathon. Jeffrey Neal was 1st again and I managed to crawl in slightly slower to claim second.

Team Powerslide had a power trio with Scotty Bliss, Ben Carey and Sean O'Brien and they cleaned in the elite men's half marathon, the solo time trail. Scotty Bliss had the fastest time trail with a time of 1 minute and 23 seconds. My time was 1 minute and 36 seconds for second master. Jeffrey Neal's time was 1 minute and 34 second.

Peter Doucet posted some T-Town pictures on his website:

The drive home to Toronto was brutal after a very competitive weekend in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. I enjoyed racing in T-town because it is a family kind of event with lots of kids on skates and various levels of competition for everyone. Right across from the skating course is the Preferred Valley Cycling and Velodrome, you can check out some incredible track cycling races on Saturday afternoon.

Happy skating.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lawton Loop Marathon

Herb Gayle's Mini race report:

Date: May 14, 2011 10:00:00 AM

Track: Lawton Loop (1.6898 km)

I skated my first race of the season on Saturday, May 14, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana; plus I got to see my sweet Holly before she went to work. Holly was kind enough to take a few photos and she e-mailed the pictures to me on Sunday, May 15, 2011.

A big thank you to race organizer Tom Stergar II and his wife, announcer Matt, Timing by James and other duties etc, plus all the volunteers for putting on a great race in Indiana.

Photo #1: Amrit Singh"Nikko" (Ashpalt Beach), Herb Gayle (Team Hoigaard's). and Elizabeth White (Ashphalt Beach). Elizabeth is a strong new skater and you will be hearing her name in future races this season.

Photo #2 Bob Harwell and Holly

Photo #3 Herbinator trying to touch his toes and stretch before the race.

Photo #4 front line skaters at the start line...left to right: Larry Kaufman (hands on hips), Cale Carvell, Herb G with Christian Keesler, Gary Blank (Team Rainbo) and Bob Harwell (looking down)

We had about 20 skaters, and the competition ranged from novice to pro level skaters. The strong guys today were: Gary Blank who was by far in the best shape. Amrit"Nikko" looked like the man to win the race, however a young kid from Fort Wayne Indiana by the name of Christian Keesler took the top spot over Nikko (Amrit) 2nd and Gary Blank was the work horse finished 3rd. I did not see the finish for the top three spots, so I can not comment on how the action unfolded.

The marathon was on a closed looped course and we had to skate 25 laps for a full marathon. I knew I was not in racing shape, so I told Cale Carvell (Team Rainbo) and others skaters that I was going to be a "cling-on" and only take a few (easy) pulls at the front. Team Rainbo was well represented as usual at every race.

The race started at a reasonable pace and the weather was perfect, the rain Gods held off until the event was over, warm with a slight breeze and perfect conditions for me....I don't like to skate in the rain, or in cold and snowy conditions.

On the second or third lap, Nikko decided to stir things up and took off, then Gary and Christian chased after Nikko while the rest of the pack waved goodbye...I was exhausted from the long 10 hour drive after work on Friday from Toronto, Canada to Indiana, so I was happy to just stay with the pack and keep a steady pace.

The lap counter displayed in red numbers: 10 to go, which seemed like a long time and then Gary Blank (Team Rainbo), Nikko and young Christian caught and passed the main pack. I thought the trio would have lapped the main pack earlier, but the three leaders took their time and were probably playing the cat the mouse game behind us.

The main pack consisted of: Cale Carvell, Elizabeth White (Ashphalt Beach), Larry Kaufman (Team Rainbo), Doug Orman (Team Rainbo), Carl Stewart (Texas Flyers) John Sherwin (Team Rainbo). Bob Harwell was with us earlier in the race, however I believe when the pace picked up and we lost Bob, Margo Carvell (Team Rainbo) and Tom Gospel. The size of the main pack changed throughout the race because we picked some lapped skaters and also lost some skaters.

The Lawton Loop event had a sophisticated timing system which accurately kept track of everyone's laps and times. The lap counter was visible at the start/finish line for all to see how many laps to go. I was happy when I saw 5 laps to go, then I heard announcer Matt giving away my game plan by saying: "I see Herb cruising at the back, just waiting for the big sprint." The other skaters in my pack then realized that I was saving my energy, so they started to pick up the pace. I heard Cale say, "we know you are going to go (sprint), but we don't know when." The pavement was a little rough in some sections and my left skate was starting to hurt my big toe with all the vibrations, but I had to keep focus and block out any pain in the body.

The bell lap for the main pack and only one more lap. We had two pace lines with Elizabeth leading on the left and I was leading the pack line on the right. I could feel the adrenalin build and we made a left turn and pick up the pace on the slight incline section. This is where you have to be patient, but made sure you don't get stuck at the pack before the inevitable field sprint starts. I took off hard with 800 meters to go because I knew Elizabeth and the Rainbo guys: Larry Kaufman, Doug Orman and Cale Carvell were right behind me.

Carl Stewart was looking very strong up to mid point in the race, but he and Larry Kaufman were racing for preem points/prizes and that may have burnt Carl's legs for the sprint at the end of the race.

The top three men (Christian Keesler, Amrit Singh and Gary Blank) had already finished, so the main pack was coming in for 4th to 10th place. I flew around the last turn and hammered down the straight-away to claim 4th place. (See final photo)

The top three women were: 1st Elizabeth White (Asphalt Beach), 2rd Margo Carvell (Team Rainbo) and 3rd Deanne Wiley

I truly enjoyed racing in Indianapolis, Indiana and I encourage more skaters to come out and support all the hard work Tom Stergar and his team have been doing to bring tremendous inline races to Indiana in 2010 and 2011.

Congrats to all the skaters and this was a very safe and accident free race.

Herb Gayle

Link to Herb's photo's
Herb's Lawton Loop Marathon Photo's
Race Results:
Lawton Loop Results

Sunday, March 20, 2011

RollerDome Marathon March 19th 2011

Here is a short video from the Individual marathon won by Team Hoigaard's Ovid Westin.

Ovid Westin 1st place 

 results from the pro division individual.

2011 Metrodome Inline Marathon
March 19th, 2011

1 1 1040 WESTIN, ovid 50 saint francis 35:56 1:12:47.96 21.60

2 2 1044 DAVID, Swan 51 Minneapolis 35:10 1:13:03.59 21.50

3 3 1032 MEISINGER, steve 28 deerfield 35:34 1:13:07.70 21.50

4 4 1041 TERWILLIGER, Jeff 50 Edina 36:28 1:13:32.39 21.40

5 5 1035 BLANK, Gary 37 Normal 36:31 1:14:04.74 21.20

6 6 1038 WUSSLER, Jack 56 St. Paul 35:34 1:14:15.44 21.20

7 7 1039 KOSTKA, Andy 31 Maple Grove 35:54 1:15:47.35 20.70

8 8 1205 NEAL, Jeffrey 41 Washington DC 37:11 1:15:52.28 20.70

9 9 1042 BRADLEY, adam 47 minneapolis 37:08 1:17:12.05 20.40

10 10 1043 THOMAS, Conrade 44 Chanhassen 36:41 1:18:59.90 19.90

11 11 1031 LANDUCCI, randy 58 stillwater 39:09 1:21:06.03 19.40

12 12 1028 KAUFMAN, Larry 44 Brookfield 40:01 1:21:51.76 19.20

13 13 1029 CARVELL, Cale 61 Northfield 40:06 1:22:14.27 19.10

14 14 1037 JACOBSON, Mark 46 Bloomington 40:32 1:22:36.95 19.00

15 15 1030 JENNIK, Peter 57 Brookfield 40:58 1:24:55.28 18.50

16 16 1034 ANDERSON, Rod 54 Cottage Grove 40:37 1:26:48.65 18.10

17 17 1036 CREEDON, Joe 59 St. Paul 44:34 1:33:30.77 16.80

here is one more.

full results at: